Wrongfully accused


As you’re trying to decide what to do, an officer arrives at your cell.

“What would you like for your last meal?” he asks.


“All we have is leftover casserole, so that’ll have to do. The water here tastes gross, too.” Another guard arrives with cold casserole; it smells bad, so you refuse. Each guard grabs you, and handcuffs are tightened around your wrists.


“We found your friends. They all said that you’re guilty. End of story.” He pulls you out of the cell and drags you down the hall. “Dead man walking,” the guard says calmly. You freeze in fear and resist with all that you have, but the powerful guards are winning the battle. You are taken into a room, but it’s an employee lounge, not an execution chamber. There are funny posters up and some vending machines, but it’s kind of a lame employee lounge. One of the guards asks another for directions to the execution chamber. They get the info and ram you through the doors back into the dark hallway. A few turns later and you see the sheriff standing outside of a well-lit room, smoking a fat cigar. The guards stop, and you stand before the sheriff. Upon closer inspection, he’s not only smoking a cigar, but also chewing a toothpick and sunflower seeds at the same time. He starts shouting with a deep southern accent, but it’s hard to understand him because of the sunflower seeds…

“Listen up… the public thinks I’m not a good sheriff? Well I beg to differ!! Tonight I have proved why I should be re-hired in this town. Bringing this hoodlum to justice was all my doing! I want it to be known that I AM THE LAW! Tonight we will be executing you with 15 angry cobras in an obstacle course…. You’ll be our obstacle corpse! Heh heeh!”

Will you get so scared that you pee your pants?

Or would you rather not pee your pants… but still be really scared.

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