Threatening letter


You’ve seen too many horror movies to pick this guy up, but for some cruel reason you decide to taunt him by stopping the van and locking the door. He tries to open it as you shout, “It’s unlocked dude! C’mon, don’t you know how to work a door?! Well… I guess you don’t want a ride!”

He flips you off before you speed away. Man, that guy was soaked! The Digital Dracula show is only a few hundred miles away in Riversburgh. You’ve had tickets for months. It sold out in 10 minutes. Everyone has been anxiously awaiting the show and luckily the van break-down didn’t spoil the trip.

You arrive in Riversburgh four hours later. The parking lot at the arena is a giant party. Breakdancers, street performers, and local news crews crowd the entrance. It’s a sold-out show but you intend to find a good spot to witness rock magic! You weasel your way to the front of the crowd. There’s a roar when the lights shut off. Suddenly the stage lights up, and Digital Dracula busts out playing the new hit single, “Download Your Blood!” The entire show is flawless! They play 7 encores and still leave the crowd wanting more. After the show you get his autograph! Best road trip ever!

Oddly, when you get home, you’re facebook account has been erased, along with Jared’s, Franky’s, Jonezetta’s, and Kelly’s. The next day you receive a strongly worded letter in the mail from Mark, founder of facebook.

The letter reads:

Dear Enemy,

Recently I was hitchhiking in a severe rainstorm when you pulled over and offered me a ride….. but you didn’t really offer me a ride, did you? No, you thought it would be cute to tease and taunt me in front of your friends. I know who you are, and you haven’t seen the last of me….



To Be Continued?


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