the Wilderness Wanderer


Setting up a tent and building a fire sounds cozy, and it’s much safer than hitchhiking. Jared leads the way to a nice camp ground where you and Kelly begin building the tent. Jonezetta and Franky have a fire built in no time! Everyone gathers around the fire to talk and goof around. Jared tells the most chilling ghost story known to man. It’s about a Zombie that turns out to be a Vampire. There’s a break in the conversation and everyone is staring deep into the fire, reflecting on the day and on the verge of sleep.

“!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HEY YOU!!!!!!!!!! !!! !”


An old wilderness wanderer frightens you when he appears from the darkness with an owl on his shoulder! “I’m keeping watch on this land. You ain’t allowed to be here. There’re leftover spirits here, don’t ya’ know?! Unexplainable phenomenon!”

Jared interrupts, “Are you sure about that, old man?”

“DARN TOOTIN’!” he replies. “You need to move this here campfire… before they come get you!”

“Well, you’ve given us something to consider. Say… are you or your owl hungry?” Jared asks. Luckily, he remembered to pack plenty of sandwiches for everyone. He gets a good discount on them through his work. Everyone, the owl included, begins devouring their sandwiches.

They stand up and thank Jared for the food, the owl has mustard all over his face. “Be a sport and listen to what I say,” the owl warns you (with a British accent!) “Leave here immediately!” and the two of them disappear into the night.

Stay where you’re at.
Move the campsite.



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