Working at the coffee shop all summer has paid the bills, but now you’re so addicted to caffeine that you get a headache when you’re not drinking it. The tips you’ve saved are paying the way for a much deserved road trip with four of your best friends. Franky is driving the group down the coast in his trusty van he’s proudly nicknamed ‘The Road King’. His girlfriend, Jonezetta, is your co-worker at Java the Hut’s. Kelly works at the Sushi restaurant you go to for lunch everyday. She always gives you the discount so you eat more than you should. Jared is a spokesman for a sandwich place. It sounds like he really likes his job too. He goes around the country making speeches and stuff.

After loading the van you say bye to your roommates and leave town speeding down the freeway with the music blaring. Digital Dracula’s “Download Your Blood” comes on the radio, and Franky cranks it up! The van sounds a little funky, but Franky assures you it’s good for a long haul. Let’s hope so. Jonezetta and Kelly are playing a card game and Jared is catching up on some sleep. Everyone’s spirits are high, and there’s relief in the air. The coffee at the next rest area lures you in after 450 miles without it.

The rest area is busy and the coffee tastes horrible. It spills on your hand, so you run to the bathroom to wash it off. When you leave the bathroom you overhear a conversation about Digital Dracula. You can’t help but join in because Digital Dracula is your all-time favorite.

“Are you talking about Digital Dracula?” you ask.

“Yeah, our band is playing a show with him tonight in Gumble City and we’re huge fans… kind of influenced by him. This is his farewell tour, so it’s an honor to share the stage with him. Hi, I’m Donavan. Brad Donavan.” You shake hands and tell him about the road trip you’re on. “Have you ever considered being a roadie for a hard rock band?” he asks. The thought had crossed your mind several times. “You will see the world, and meet Digital Dracula tonight,” he continues. “I guess what I’m trying to say is… will you be our roadie?” You are dumbfounded.

“What’s the name of your band?” you ask.

“Apologetic Reply,” he quickly answers.

“Hey, let’s go!” Kelly shouts from across the street. “We’ve gotta get moving!” Oh no, what a tough decision!

Continue on the roadtrip with your friends?


Become Apologetic Reply’s new roadie?


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  2. […] the CURSE of DIGITAL DRACULA …begins here. […]

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