Starting a restaurant


You get paranoid about being caught with a cop car and decide to hitchhike. It only takes a minute to catch a ride. The driver is an older business man type.

He introduces himself, “Hi, I’m Arnie, a motivational speaker from Elizaville. I travel the world giving motivational speeches to anyone who will listen. Do you have a dream that you know you could accomplish if you only put your mind to it?”

It takes awhile to come up with something. “I’ve always kinda wanted to own a restaurant from the comfort of my own home.”

“Well why don’t you?” He’s quick to reply and eager to tell you how. “Come up with a menu, a name, and start cooking! It’s just THAT easy!”

He makes a good point and drives for a whole day, delivering you to your apartment, even though it’s not on his way.

“Thanks for the ride man! I’m gonna get this restaurant off the ground starting now!”

“Your next step is to decide what kind of restaurant you want to own. Any ideas? Best of luck!” Arnie cheers at you as he speeds away. He never even asked for gas money.

What kind of restaurant would you like to run? You really like Italian food, but there are no Chinese restaurants in town. Your roommates really like Chinese food, and you’re pretty sure they’re cool with you doing this. Hmm…?

Open an Italian restaurant?


Open a Chinese restaurant?

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