Sleeping in a van


An owl just told you to leave the campsite!? It freaks you out so bad that you and the others pack up your things and sleep in the van.

You wake up early and quickly find help in repairing the broken down vehicle. It’s towed to the next town where you have plenty of time to kill. You all decide to check out what’s playing in the $2 movie theatre down the street from the auto shop. ‘Dream a Little Dream’ is the feature movie. It’s a horrible rip-off of “Nightmare on Elm Street.” The only redeeming quality is the soundtrack, featuring Digital Dracula’s remake of that classic Mamas & the Papas hit. After the movie ends the group goes roller-skating. You’re not coordinated enough to join in, so you quietly count the cars you see. You count 327 when they return. Everyone heads back to the auto shop. The mechanic hands Franky the bill. Franky looks it over and it looks like he’s going to cry. Maybe he’s just making a funny face?

The van starts on the first try! Jared is driving while Franky and Jonezetta smooch. He’s a good driver, but he drives much faster than Franky. 300 miles breeze by in an instant. You offer to take over for Jared at the next rest stop.

It starts to rain as you leave the rest area. It’s light at first, but builds to a steady downpour. When you reduce your speed, you notice someone walking beside the road. Whoever it is, they’re getting soaked.

Offer them a ride?


Pretend to offer them a ride just to speed away honking/laughing.


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