Pancake Makeout


Tears fill your eyes and uncontrollable crying ensues. The whimpering gets a few laughs from the overly-brutal crowd. The party is pretty much ruined. Everyone’s put in a dismal mood by your performance as they spill out of the room. You stand there crying in front of the microphone for 15 minutes, not moving until the place is empty. The room is totally quiet and the crickets aren’t even chirping.

Through the tears you see someone walk in and announce: “I’m madly in love with you and want to marry you tonight.”

So you get married and get matching tattoos. Your new spouse is very business minded. The two of you start a “Pancake Factory” restaurant in a city that longs for pancakes. Five years later, there’s a Pancake Factory in every major city. From Hodgeville to New Market, Pancake Factory is on top! You travel the world and spend your golden years with your spouse, having Pancake Make-outs! 71 years later, your marriage is still going strong. You occasionally re-new your vows at the Pancake Factory in Tokyo. How romantical!

The End.

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