upgraded facebook


The pouring rain is cold and you feel sorry for the hitchhiker. You pull over and the van door opens. He jumps in, soaked to the bone, and introduces himself, “Thanks for the ride! Hi, I’m Mark!”

“Hey, aren’t you the Mark that started up facebook?!” Kelly enthusiastically blurts out.

“Oh I get that all the time,” he replies ,“probably because it’s true… I started facebook. I was just on a business trip when my rental car broke down. My cell is dead, and no one’s online.” Mark suddenly points to Jared. “Hey, aren’t you that sandwich guy?”

“That’s me…Jared. We’re on our way to the Digital Dracula show in Riversburgh. It’s his last show ever! BEST LIVE BAND EVER!”

“Do you guys mind if I come along? Free facebook upgrades!”

Everyone agrees that this is a good deal.  You arrive in Riversburgh three hours later.  The parking lot at the arena is a giant party. Breakdancers, street performers, and local news crews crowd the entrance. It’s a sold-out show but you intend to find a good spot to witness rock magic. You weasel your way to the front of the crowd. There’s a roar when the lights shut off. Suddenly the stage lights up and Digital Dracula busts out playing their new hit single, “Download Your Blood!” The entire show is flawless! They play 7 encores and still leave the crowd wanting more. After the show you get his autograph! Best road trip ever!

The End.



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