Lucky break/intoxicated rage


You decide that lying would actually be the nice thing to do in this situation. You tell him about an open-mic night you heard about on the other side of town. He seems excited to forget about what just happened.

The next venue is at an empty coffee shop. They tell you that they’re planning on closing early due to poor attendance. Brad starts tearing up, so you offer to pay for some studio time to record a demo. Using a phone book, you find a pro-studio for the right price and book time to record.

Brad plays you what he’s been working on, and it sounds pretty good. The recording takes a little bit longer than expected, but the final mix is amazing! The engineer tells you and Brad that his brother owns a major record label that’s been looking for fresh new talent. He gives his brother a copy, who later writes Brad a check for $8 million to put out his record. “Brad-itude” hit #1 and stayed there for 3 months! Five years later, SPIN magazine names it “Essential Record of the Decade.” Brad later fires you in an intoxicated rage.

The End.


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