Karaoke Nightmare


You don’t think you’d make a good band leader so you take your only other option.

“Brad, I’d be honored to be your manager.” You know of a place that’s having an open-mic night and reserve some time for him. Brad practices while you order t-shirts and buttons. He tells you he wants his stage name to be “Bad” (bad as in good.) You set up a live recording through the venue, which will serve as his demo. He sets up a merch booth, and it’s the only one at this particular open-mic. It consists of autographed napkins, old newspapers, and cigarettes.

The announcer takes the stage. “Ladies and gentlemen, the acoustic guitar stylings of “Bad.” Brad stands up with a slightly scary, but awkward-looking determination on his face as he takes the stage.

“Hi, I’m Bad… as in good.” Everyone laughs heartily. You knew they would. You took the liberty of writing him some hilarious jokes if he should need them. That’s what a good manager does! The laughter is quickly silenced by the “political” rant Brad goes into. He isn’t making any sense up there. After he blames Canada for the war, a crowd member shouts “Play us a song man!”

“As you wish,” Brad replies. “This one goes out to my manager, who made all of this possible.” You cross your fingers as he starts the song. The guitar is out of tune, and so are his vocals. It sounds really bad. People start leaving immediately. Others just ignore him all together. The song ends.

“Be my friend on myspace,” Brad announces, “maybe check out my blog. I come from a family of musicians and I only write songs that rock. I’m gonna play you another one.”

The crowd groans and Brad takes notice. “You guys want me to quit playing? IS THAT IT?!” (UNCOMFORTABLE SILENCE!) Brad reacts by screaming and stomping off the stage. You follow him but are embarrassed by his actions.


“Brad, there’s another place you can play, but it’s an hour away. Wanna try?!” You’re not sure if you should encourage him, but are trying to cheer him up a little.

“I need your honest opinion,” he says quietly. “Should I give this up?”

Can you find it in your heart to tell him the truth, even if it bums him out more?

tell a LIE ?


tell the truth ?

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