Humiliated on Television :(


Peeing in your pants ain’t cool, but this time you can’t help it. The sheriff notices and looks disgusted. He shrugs his shoulders as he looks at the guards, confused for some reason.

He turns to you, “Well, I was just about to tell you, you’ve been ‘SPOOFED’ on NBC’s new hit show ‘SPOOFED!’ We hide cameras and put people in tight situations. Your friends are all in on it too, but you had to pee your pants and bum everyone out.” He frowns, closes his eyes, and turns away from you.

Around the corner walk your friends. You try to give them high-5’s, but no one seems interested. They’re followed by a camera crew that seem equally disappointed.

Jared’s the first to break the ice, “Maybe you should change your pants before we head home.” Franky, Jonezetta, and Kelly all agree.

“Worst road trip ever,” Kelly mumbles.

The end.

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