Dreams DO come true


Joining Digital Dracula is your dream come true! They only have one more show, and it’s in Riversburgh! “Goth-hop” bands put Riversburgh on the map in the late 90’s. It seemed like there was a hit band born every single day in Riversburgh. Digital Dracula was easily the highest selling Goth-Hop band in the world.

You meet the band right before the show and get some last minute instructions before stage time. You can hear the crowd chanting as you wait backstage. Digital Dracula emerges from the dressing room looking seriously motivated! As you take the stage, the crowd erupts! During the first song you notice Franky, Jonezetta, Kelly, and Jared in the front row, dancing and singing along. It takes them a while to recognize you, but when they do, their jaws drop. After the next song you get on the mic and dedicate a song to them. Later, you give a heartfelt speech in tears. The last song, “Blatant Disregard,” leaves the crowd wanting more. An encore is inevitable! “Download Your Blood (remix version)” was officially the last song Digital Dracula ever performed. After the show, you meet up with your friends. They’re all so proud of you, and shocked by your sudden rise to the top. You tell them the whole story on the ride home. Raddest road trip ever!

The End.

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