the Hitchhiker’s Guide


Since the group was split, you offer to hitchhike into town while your friends camp out. Maybe you’re imagining things, but they actually seem kinda stoked to see you go. You hear them laughing while you’re waiting by the road. You can see them in the distance having a dance party. You decide to start walking. Hours pass but you keep walking. A car finally stops. It’s a police car. You say hello, but they don’t seem friendly.

“Turn around and put your hands behind your head!” one shouts. They slowly approach you, slap on some handcuffs, begin an interrogation, and name you as a possible suspect for a nearby bank robbery!

As they load you into the car, you try to keep your composure and explain, “This is all just a big misunderstanding. I’m on a road trip with my friends and our van broke down about 15 miles back. Please drive back there… they’ll tell you who I am.”

“We’re gonna see if your little story checks out, alright? But right now we’re on break, so sit tight.” The officers begin gossiping about coworkers and drinking coffee. Several hour pass before the engine starts. They begin driving to look for Franky’s van. You remember exactly where it is and are stunned to see that the van is gone!

“I SWEAR! IT WAS RIGHT THERE!” you bark. Confusion sets in and nothing is making sense. You can’t even understand what the officers are saying. A dizzy, light-headed feeling renders you unconscious.

Waking up in a jail cell is never fun. You’re all alone in the cold and dark, waiting for whatever is coming.

Hmm… break out of jail?



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