Chance of a lifetime


“Hey guys,” you say, “why don’t you just play the show without me. I belong here tonight. You’ve held me back since day one. With Karaoke, I can express myself without all the hard work of being in a band.”

Chaz gets in your face, “You’re outta the band JERK!” He shoves you into a payphone and heads for the door. Connie pushes you in the face. Everyone else insults you before leaving too. You’re hurt, but glad you decided to do Karaoke. You request a few songs, sit back, and wait for your turn. Some of the performances are really good. One singer has on owl on his shoulder! The only thing they lack is a proper energy level.

The announcer calls your name and you take the stage. “My first song is from the biggest name in music right now…Digital Dracula.” The music kicks in, and you don’t even need to look at the screen. When it comes to Digital Dracula, you know all the words. Your enthusiasm and energy steal the show. The crowded bar is rocking out and you’re their leader. The roar of the crowd nearly knocks you over when the song ends. They’re chanting for an encore so you give it to them; choosing another Digital Dracula tune, “Download Your Blood.” Your dead-on delivery pumps up the crowd to a new level. A strobe light and fog machine intensify the scene! The doors bust open and the police rush in and stop the music! The crowd is hissing as an officer takes the microphone.

“I’m sorry everyone, but you’re rocking out beyond the legal limit. We’ve been forced to close this bar early.” He points to you, “That Karaoke singer has set a new bar of excellence in entertainment. Now finish your drinks and go home!”

The room starts clearing out, but many are asking for your autograph. As soon as you walk out the door, there’s a crowd cheering for you! While you’re signing autographs a quirky old man hands you a Digital Dracula CD to sign.

“Can you make it out to my boss?” He grumbles.

You reply, “Sure thing, what’s your boss’s name?”

“DIGITAL DRACULA!” he shouts! “Seriously, I’m his road manager. We’re in town tonight playing a show. We could use someone like you to do some back-up vocals if you’re interested.”

Join Digital Dracula


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