Chai Knees



Starting a Chinese restaurant from the comfort of your own home proves to be the worst idea from a long history of bad ideas. You thought that naming it “Chai-knees” would be witty, but your friends hate it. It’s too late because you already emailed everyone you know inviting them to the grand opening of “CHAI-KNEES… World Class Chinese Cuisine.”

Your room-mates begin interrogating you about the rearranging of the living room. You explain your restaurant idea but they don’t like what they’re hearing.

You begin to plea, “Please let me do this… my only dream as a child was to open a Chinese restaurant. I have an opening here tonight, and I’d like it if you guys could help out a little. Maybe put some time into cleaning up?” A single tear rolls down your cheek.

Everyone refuses, and you’re on your own. They even plan a party for tonight, so they can ruin your restaurant idea. The dishes are dirty and the kitchen is a mess. A few hours later, party-goers and restaurant guests alike are pouring through the door. You begin seating guests who instantly complain about the party that’s going on around them. Your roommate’s two dogs are also checking out the scene. You quickly fill to capacity but discover you don’t have many ingredients to work with. The music is so loud that you can barely hear your guests order. Dogs are barking at the guests, and neighbors are starting to complain. The phone is ringing off the hook and a fight breaks out!

‘Chai-Knees’ is a total failure 😦 You walk out the front door and never return.

The End.

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