Hmm… you could go either way on this, but you decide to spare yourself the humiliation. The creepy sheriff keeps chewing away on his sunflower seeds as he leads you to the cobra pit. Suddenly the phone rings. The sheriff un-cuffs you, and asks you to answer it.

You slowly answer the phone, ‘hello?”

“HEY!” It’s a girl, and you recognize her voice.

“Who is this?”

“It’s just me, Jonezetta. And you’ve just been SPOOFED! on NBC’s new hit show ‘SPOOFED!”

A camera crew rushes in and the sheriff gives you a big hug. Everyone’s laughing. Jonezetta, Franky, Kelly, and Jared run in with high-5’s all around the room.

You continue the road trip and get home just in time to see your episode air!

The End

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