Become the lead singer of your very own band


“Let go of my arm Brad, you’re history!” You hug your new band mates, “Now let’s go watch some Digital Dracula!” You try to re-enter the club but they won’t let you back in because your band sucked so bad. You’re bummed, but really happy to be the leader of an up-and-coming band.

You jump into the drivers seat of the van and get directions to your next gig. In an act of excitement you begin discussing interesting directions the band can take and even choreograph some dance moves in your mind.

You drive through the night until you arrive in San Carlos for gas. Next door to the gas station is a costume shop. You decide to browse while your band mates sleep in the van. You find some cheap silver sequined jumpsuits, and they have just enough for everyone. You buy them, along with a make-up kit, and drive the remaining three hours to the next town. You find a public park where you teach everyone the dance moves you created. You surprise them with the new and improved outfits. They all seem really excited about the bands sudden transformation and change into their jumpsuits. People are staring while you rehearse in the park. A small crowd gathers, cheering and laughing. Rehearsal ends and now it’s time for the real thing.

You arrive several hours early to the next gig. Patrons of the small bar can’t stop staring while you load in the gear. It’s nearly empty, but you have a good feeling about the show. The bartender approaches you and asks what you’re doing.

“We’re getting ready to rock this place like it’s never been rocked before!” you insist.

“No, the show got cancelled,” he informs you. “A local band called ‘the Fast-Foods’ were set to headline, but last week they broke up and called it off. Karaoke has been scheduled in it’s place. You’re welcome to stick around if you’d like, but I actually know about a house show that needs another band if you wanna play.”

You’re really good at Karaoke, but need to think about the future of your band. Being the lead singer, you have to make the call.


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