Although it was a tough decision, you quickly realize that staying with your friends is definitely the smart thing to do. After a few choruses of “99 bottles of beer on the wall” you forget all about Apologetic Reply’s offer. The van’s cruise control is set to 70 and the windows are down.

About 200 miles down the road, the van begins jerking and losing power. Franky starts freaking out, but Jonezetta is quick to comfort him. The van slowly comes to a stop, nowhere near an exit. After Franky takes a look at the engine he starts crying a little, and that’s when you know something is terribly wrong.

“It doesn’t look like there’s much we can do,” Franky sighs. “The whole engine is shot.” It’s starting to get dark outside and the temperature is dropping.

“I packed a tent,” Kelly says. “Maybe we can use it tonight and get an early start on trying to fix this tomorrow.”

“Maybe we can hitch a ride to the next town,” Jared suggests. “We can get a tow-truck there. Let’s take a vote.”

After Franky and Jared vote to hitchhike, Jonezetta and Kelly vote to camp out. Which will it be? You’re the tie-breaker.

Will you camp out for the night?

Or should you hitch a ride?

the Roadking

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